The purpose of the ECSS Public Relations department is to establish and promote
 partnerships within the community. 
Our department functions include:
* Promoting community input
*Handling all aspects of district publications
*Acting as a key contact for the media; writing news releases; working to get 
media coverage of district news
*Designing all levels of communication including writing a crisis communication
*Creating avenues for students/staff recognition
* Training employees in the importance of establishing partnerships 
within the community
* Providing positive image marketing

For more information, contact Ashley Rhodes Collier, Director at (229)724-5336 or

Employee of the Month
These employees are nominated by their peers for the great job they do in 
the school system.  These people go beyond the call of duty and face each 
day with a bright smile.  They are dedicated to their students and parents. 
Cindy Moses - September
David Ferry - October
Paul Williams - November
Cynthia Ferry - December
Drew Carroll - January