District Office

Dr. Bronwyn Ragan-Martin

Welcome back!!! We are thrilled to kick off a great year in the Early County School System! We are welcoming approximately 2,200 students to our freshly painted and polished buildings, and we are all looking forward to a magical year with Everyone Committed to Student Success!!!

We are already looking forward to volleyball and softball games and Friday Night Football under the leadership of Coach Joel Harvin. There is something for everyone! Come get involved and support the Bobcats! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Bronwyn Ragan-Martin


Central Office Directory

Dr. Bronwyn Ragan-Martin


Email: bmartin@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Mrs. Stella Smith

Assistant Superintendent for Finance

Email: smsmith@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Mr. Michael Williams

Technology Director

Email: mwilliams@early.k12.ga.us

Mr. William Shippee

Food Service Coordinator

Email: wshippee@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-3746

Mrs. Laurie Cooper

Payroll Clerk

Email: lcooper@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Mrs. Tonya Smith


Email: tsmith@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Dr. Jennifer Brown

Curriculum Director

Email: jgbrown@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Mr. Will Jester

Federal Programs and Facilities Director

Email: wjester@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-3746

Mr. David Allen

Special Education Director

Email: dallen@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-724-5136

Mrs. Priscilla Yarbrough

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Director

Email: pyarbrough@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Mrs. Ashley Collier

Public Relations

Email: acollier@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-3006

Mrs. Deborah Collier

Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Email: dcollier@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Ms. Shanice Richardson

CTAE Director

Email: sjrichardson@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-3006

Mr. Jeff Daniel

Transportation Director

Email: jdaniel@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-3006

Mrs. Helen Walworth

Administrative Assistant

Email: hwalworth@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-4337

Mrs. Tammy Storey

Family Engagement Coordinator

Homeless Liaison

Foster Care POC

Email: tstorey@early.k12.ga.us

Phone: 229-723-3746 or


11927 Columbia Street I Blakely, Georgia 39823 I Phone: (229)723-4337 I Fax: (229)723-8183