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Please visit the central registration page for information. At this time central registration is open by appointment only. Please visit our website to print the Registration Packet. Once you have all the required documents and the packet completed, please call 229-724-5256 Option 1 or email and a member of our registration team will schedule an appointment for you to register in-person at the central registration office located at Early County Middle School. In order to prevent a large gathering of people we are conducting registration and withdrawal requests by appointment only. No drop-ins will be received. Only the enrolling parent(s) should come to the appointment. Children are not needed for registration or withdrawal records to be processed. Additionally, all individuals coming to an appointment are expected to wear a mask for the safety of everyone involved in the process.

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To All ECSS Family, Friends, and Community:

We are so excited to have our students back in our buildings! After over
five months without them, we have had a great time welcoming them back,
getting into a routine, learning, and building relationships.
Because our hybrid classrooms increased significantly last week, we are
already at 50% capacity in our buildings; therefore, we are unable to offer
more 4-day slots at this time. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19
cases in Early County, and if the numbers trend down enough, we will look
again at increasing our student numbers at that time.

Also, because students are continuing to jump back and forth between
instructional models (hybrid and virtual), the middle school has cut off
any changes until October 2, and no school will accept changes after
October 2 until the end of the first grading period (November 4). Sticking
to one instructional model (either hybrid or virtual) will allow students
and teachers more stability. Parents must give the school notice of the
desire to change their instructional model by October 2 so that the student
may start the new model on Monday, October 5. Students will not be able to
change again until the end of the first grading period the week of November
2. If a change needs to be made at that time, the parent must give the
school notice by November 6 for the child to start the new model on
November 9. We understand that this is a challenging time for students,
parents, and teachers, and we are working to accommodate families, but
everyone needs stability and clear expectations at this time.

Two schools will be opening buildings in the evenings to accommodate
students. Early County Middle School is opening up for students to access
computer labs in the evenings. Mondays are for Hybrid A students, Tuesdays
are for Virtual students, and Thursdays are for Hybrid B students. On
Mondays and Thursdays, the building will be open from 3:30 until 5:30 PM.
On Tuesdays, the building will be open from 5:00 until 7:00 PM. Please call
ECMS if you have any questions. Early County Elementary School will allow
the building to be open for Hybrid A students on Tuesdays until 5 PM and
for Hybrid B students on Thursdays until 5 PM. If you have any questions,
please call ECES. Transportation will not be provided.

School Nutrition Coordinator Mr. William Shippee and our lunchroom staff
are providing breakfasts and lunches to all students who are in the
buildings. Meals are also being provided for the days the hybrid and
virtual students are not in school. For all hybrid students, meals will be
sent home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. FOR ALL VIRTUAL STUDENTS, meals will
be distributed on Fridays from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM at Early County
Middle School.

Mrs. Lorie Clenney, Director of Student Services, and Dr. Priscilla
Yarbrough, PBIS/MTSS Director, also have numerous resources for both
students, families, and staff to help deal with the emotional anxiety and
turmoil created by these uncertain times. Please feel free to reach out to
either one of these leaders to access resources or support.

Mrs. Tammy Storey will continue to update our Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) document on our website and on our Facebook pages that allows for all
of the commonly asked questions and current answers to be listed. I
encourage you to check that resource before reaching out to administrators
as the question you have may already have been answered. We will continue
to monitor the situation and receive guidance from the Governor’s Office,
the Georgia Department of Education (please refer to their Georgia’s Path
to Recovery for K-12 Schools at, and the state and local
Department of Public Health for direction.

I encourage you to please continue to limit your social activities,
practice social distancing, wash your hands, wear your masks, and protect
the elderly as well as people with chronic health conditions in the days
and weeks ahead. If I may be of service, please do not hesitate to contact
me. Bobcats Can!!!

Bronwyn Ragan-Martin, Ed.D.
Early County School System
11927 Columbia Street
Blakely, GA 39823

11927 Columbia Street ~ Blakely, Georgia 39823 ~ Phone: (229)723-4337 ~ Fax: (229)723-8183